The ESC Working Group "Macroseismology" was established at the 2008 General Assembly of the ESC, Heronissos, Crete. It was charged with developing common methods for collecting and disseminating macroseismic data using online methods, with the main target of creating a common macroseismic questionnaire for use in Europe, an objective long sought after.

It has operated chiefly by means of a circular discussion via email, with in addition an open meeting at the 2010 General Assembly of the ESC at Montpellier,France. The final questionnaire was completed in 2011 and can be downloaded from the link below.

According to a resolution of the ESC passed in 2010, it is recommended that this questionnaire be used as the basis for online macroseismic questionnaires, at least as a minimum or "core" text, so that in cases of border earthquakes, it can be anticipated that online responses from different countries will contain at least this standard information. Additional questions of local interest can, of course, be added.

ESC Standard Macroseismic Questionnaire